Online Counseling for Houston, TX

If you live in the Houston, TX, area and want to speak to a local psychotherapist, then look no further than Phyllis Tonkin, LCSW. She has years of experience helping individuals, couples, and families with her counseling services. She offers in-person as well as online counseling sessions. So if you do not want to visit a therapist in person, you can schedule a teletherapy appointment with Phyllis Tonkin, LCSW.

Individual Therapy

Many individuals can benefit from therapy as they need help processing life events like moving, new jobs, or relationships. Other individuals may have a diagnosis such as OCD, depression, or anxiety, and a therapist can help with these conditions. Whether you have an official diagnosis or not, a counselor can help you.

Couples Therapy

If you and your spouse have had problems with conflict or communication, having an unbiased third party weigh in can be helpful. A therapist can listen to both of your concerns and offer you advice on how to communicate clearly with one another and resolve your conflict healthily. Phyllis Tonkin, LCSW, has experience helping couples with confrontation and communication to improve their relationship.

Family Therapy

Your relationship with your family is important, and like any relationship, you can have disagreements or unresolved conflicts. Whether you are struggling with your relationship with your siblings, children, or parents, online therapy may be able to help you mend those relationships.

For more information on online therapy sessions, contact Phyllis Tonkin, LCSW, by calling (713) 668-6666 or (713) 206-5156. You can also fill out the online contact form for more information. You can rest assured that all of your information will remain confidential. Let Phyllis Tonkin, LCSW, help with any challenge you, your relationship, or your family face. She is happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.

Teletherapy is Available!