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Your life can be more harmonious, more at peace.

My job is to be the guide to help you move forward and find contentment. Most people are afraid to look within, at the mirror. Most people cannot say aloud, that they love and accept themselves the way they are, and that’s sad. I try to teach people to forgive themselves and then others.

Clients feel very safe and comfortable here – it’s easy to talk about their painful issues. Sharing your pain with someone who you trust – someone who is trustworthy – in a safe environment is like being in a cocoon; there’s a safety net to protect you, and nothing can hurt you here.

Your life can be more harmonious, more at peace

The most important thing in therapy is our relationship.

If you were able to ask my clients, most of them would say they feel better when they walk out than when they walked in. At this practice, you’ll get the sense that we connect, that I know what you think and feel – in a way that meets your emotional needs. I’ll help you see life in a way you hadn’t considered before, to open your horizon of choices. I’ll walk the walk beside you. You’re the expert on you. You have the answers. My job is to help you figure out which pocket has your answers.

It’s like a kaleidoscope. Turn it a different way, life takes on a whole new hue. Things you never considered before, now seem like possible options.

The most important thing in therapy is our relationship

The only limitation people face is in their own minds.

If you’re angry, let’s utilize it in a constructive way – to understand that under the anger there’s fear, sadness, frustration… and you need reassurance. I encourage people to think beyond where they are, to open the door and cross the threshold. When people say they’re afraid of change, they sometimers forget that they’ve had a past experience of success which is a template for the future. It can be exciting to change. With guidance we discover the answers from within.

The only limitation people face is in their own minds

Where do the answers come from?

The answer comes from our combined energies. Using a combination of learned skills, knowledge and intuitive sense, I follow your needs to work through inner conflicts and challenges. I’m able to hone in on and eliminate the underlying issues that remain unresolved.

I work with the child within and the innate resilience in each of us. Now you can heal your inner child to heal you. It’s safe to express your pain. Empathetically I respond, reach out and walk side by side with you to help you help yourself and be the best that you can be – to find the inner resources and strength that everyone has within. It’s a very strong impulse to move forward in a way that brings inner peace and harmony, and take a deep breath to let go of those pains inside.

Where do the answers come from?

Feel the burdens expunged from your being.

You can release enormous amounts of energy that had been holding you back. The toxin is released and you’re able to move forward in a way you hadn’t before.

Feel the burdens expunged from your being

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Learning new tools to affirm yourself. 

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